Century group Steps

  • Durable Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • 3' Wide with 8" Riser (Step) Height
  • 4' Wide with 7" Riser (Step) Height
  • 1 to 4 Riser Steps in Stock
  • Smooth Step Finish
  • *We also have available:
    • Locally Made Wrought Iron Hand Rails
      • Concrete Sealer
        • Delivery & Install
          • Removal & Disposal of Existing Steps
            • Free Estimates

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New Franklin, OHio

WE Manufacture and install precast concrete steps

Tuck Precast manufactures quality precast concrete steps in a variety of sizes.  The durable concrete is reinforced with steel mesh wire and we use concrete additives to help the steps to withstand Ohio weather.  Wrought Iron Handrails are available and are fabricated locally. 

We work with customers and their individual needs.   We can provide products for pick-up or complete the entire project from tear-out to install. 

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Tuck Precast is a local Century Group Step dealer.  Century steps are manufactured from light weight fiber reinforced concrete with a smooth top finish.  We stock many sizes of the Century steps. 

tUck PRecast Steps

  • Durable Reinforced 4000psi Concrete
  • Additives for Increased Strength & Durability
  • 4', 5', or 6' Widths
  • Optional Top Stoop 14" to 48" Deep
  • 1 to 6 Risers or Steps, 7 1/4" Riser Height
  • Brushed Step Finish for Traction
  • * We also have available:
    • Locally Made Wrought Iron Hand Rails
      • Concrete Sealer
        • Delivery & Install
          • Removal & Disposal of Existing Steps
            • Free Estimates

How do I care for my new concrete step in winter?

You can help maintain concrete by shoveling the snow from your sidewalk and steps. By keeping the snow cleared, there is less chance that it will compact down, freezing into the surface. Use a plastic shovel instead of a metal one. Bent/sharp corners of a worn metal shovel can damage the surface.

Is it okay to use salt as a deicer?

The short answer is NO. Salt or any other deicers should not be used because they can damage your concrete. The best way to keep your concrete safe in the winter is to keep it clean with a plastic shovel and use sand for traction.

Do I need to seal new concrete?

Yes. It is recommended by concrete experts to seal your concrete every year. Choose your sealer carefully to make sure it will protect your investment. There are many sealants available for all surfaces that will protect from effects of salts. There are also sealants with grip additive built into them that can increase traction.

complete the step with a rail

Tuck Precast installs wrought iron railings for the steps we sell as well as replacement rails for steps.

Whatever your project, we've got the experience

Hand rails available

  • Durable Wrought Iron
  • Locally Fabricated
  • Step Rail Only or Step Rail with Platform
  • Securely Anchored to Step
  • Standard or Custom Design
  • Standard Design - Filigree w/ Alternating Straight & Twisted Spindles
  • Custom Design Available (Ex. - All Straight or All Twisted Spindles)
  • Standard Colors:  Black Matte or White
  • Also Available:
  • Custom Colors
  • Delivery & Install
  • Free Estimates